Let’s work together on what makes you unique and show it to the world.


I am a trained coach with 15 years of business experience.

“As a Business Owner myself, I enjoy nothing more than helping other businesses to shine. Let’s team up and make YOU shine!”

Frédérique Niel

Do you Need a Business Coach?

You have decided to build your business. Bravo! Great achievement. You have a clear vision of what your business will be in five, ten or fifteen years. Everything works like clockwork. You hold the course, but there comes a time when, alone at the bar of your ship, you feel very alone. You stagnate, you do not know where you are at. You go through different emotions: fear, excitement, uncertainty, discouragement. Tell your friends and family? Why not? But those moments that should be moments of relaxation are transformed into working meetings, and friends, meaning well and trying not to offend you, do not always tell you the truth. This is where the business coach comes into play.
It is a person who will give you 100% of his or her attention (after all, you are paying for it). The business coach is someone who will help you to grow on your own terms; to help you start from where you are and go where you want to be by focusing solely on YOUR goals. This person has no other goal than to help you reach yours and support you in good and bad times.
You never really know what you’re capable of until someone pushes you out of your comfort zone. Sport coaches know that.

A business coach allows you to:

  • Have a brainstorming partner – this helps you generate new ideas and see new perspectives for situations that seem blocked.
  • Express your ideas without fear of judgment –acting as your own sounding board. The coach asks questions that will allow you to widen your vision without passing judgment.
  • Be more accountable – it is easier to break promises we have made only to ourselves than to break promises made to others.

The coach is there to challenge you to set goals, develop strategies and align your efforts to achieve them. This person keeps track of your accomplishments.

This is my vision of business coaching:

  • I am not your friend (you don’t pay your friends, do you?), although we will have a friendly relationship.
  • I am not your consultant, although I might suggest improvement ideas . It will be up to you to use them or not. It might actually help you to generate your own ideas, since they will be the best.
  • I am not your therapist. Obviously behind every entrepreneur, there is a person with emotions. I will be compassionate to your pain, but the ultimate goal is your success. Going on and on about things doesn’t necessarily help a situation.

Am I a bit harsh? My only goal is your success. Let’s work together to make you succeed.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching


As a successful business owner, I understand the ups and downs of an entrepreneur’s life. As coach, I will be there to brainstorm new ideas, celebrate the ups, deal with the downs and encourage you all the way to success.


Frédérique helped me to better define my needs and business ideas. She made me believe in myself. Her comments are unpretentious. That is what makes her different from others. Her sense of humor and professionalism made ours sessions motivating and interesting.

Amélie H.

We sincerely appreciate the unparalleled efficiency and professionalism that you have always shown and continues to show.  It is a real pleasure to deal with conscientious people who have earned our total trust and confidence.

Rita Couture

Director, Enterprise Services and Communications, SDE

Right from the get go, I could see how having a business coach was going to help me. For once, I had someone without her own agenda to talk to. Just voicing my ideas and dreams helped me figure out where I wanted to go. Frédérique helped me to make rapid, measurable, positive changes.

Isabelle C.