Social media is the perfect place to launch a new product or service but, to be efficient, you must come up with a well-defined plan. In his article 9 Creative Ways to Use Social Media to Launch a Product, Michael Stelzner explains his own launch methods, using actual project experiences to help readers better visualize the process.

To summarize:

  • Tip #1: Create a Teaser Campaign on Facebook – Think of ways to use social media to suggest that something new is coming.
  • Tip #2: Create a Video that’s Personal – Like Michael, you can create a video that explains how you came up with an idea, what motivated you to get started, etc.
  • Tip #3: Start a Founders List – Send the information to a “core” group of people that you know would be interested.  Founders are more likely to get excited and quickly spread the word, are more likely to actively contribute to your product development.
  • Tip #4: Create Weekly “Behind the Scenes” Videos – Show how things are coming together, helping build excitement among your viewers and inspiring them to spread the word.
  • Tip #5: Make the Launch Educational – I am not sure if this advice is applicable to all, but check it out anyway. In some cases, people might appreciate to learn from your experience.
  • Tip #6: Use “Coming Soon” Messages across Your Best Channels – Build up the buzz with “coming soon” messages. Most people are naturally curious. For example, clients and other key stakeholders now expect “real time” updates on even the most minor details of construction site work, which has prompted the creation and installation of small windows to satisfy this need.
  • Tip #7: Have Someone Interview You on Your Platform – They are your channels after all, so why not be the star of yours?
  • Tip #8: Integrate Your Launch into Your Platforms – If you’ve opted to use several different platforms, use them all to make your launch as visible as possible.
  • Tip #9: Encourage People to Help Spread the Word – Ask people to share. You might be surprised as to how many people will share your content with their own networks if you ask them vs. letting them decide on their own.