My Mission

Allowing you, business owner, to maximize your true potential as a result of professional business coaching. Challenging and supporting you so that each step will lead to your success.

My Story


My name is Frédérique Niel.

About 24 years ago, I decided that France, my native country, was too predictable and moved to Canada seeking challenges and adventure. I did not know anybody, but I knew I was landing in a welcoming country for anyone who wants to work hard to find her place. After a short period of time in Montreal (including 3 winters), I decided to move further west to Vancouver.

My degree in hotel management from France did not prove very useful, as it was not recognized by any Canadian institution. I needed to find a field where I was challenged. I went to the University of British Columbia (UBC), learning about the emerging web. At the end of the training, my first client entrusted me with a large project even though I did not have any professional experience or a real website to show her. That was 20 years ago. I have been busy ever since, working on various types of web projects for entrepreneurs and associations.

Because I am curious by nature, I like to grab any opportunities for learning new things. Having experienced the power of coaching for myself, I became interested in that field. In 2015, I took various courses with recognized training programs. I am now a Co-active Coach (CTI), and received coaching training and certificates from Coaching Out of the Box and Case Western Reserve University. Business coaching is now my main activity. I can see how my own career path as an veteran entrepreneur helps my clients. I can understand what they are going through and guide them accordingly.

Deciding to be change career and becoming a Business Coach was,  I must say, possibly one of the best decisions I made in my life. Seeing my clients gaining confidence, planning their future, succeeding  and contributing to that success, is a great and rewarding feeling.

Frédérique Niel

In Short

  • Entrepreneur since 2001
  • Business Coach
  • French & Canadian
  • Photographer (mainly food)
  • Vancouverite since 1996
  • Food lover
  • Cat lover
  • Avid reader and learner

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